We set up this website because we wanted to help people with their money. We know that lots of people have not been taught anything about money and there have no idea what they should be doing. They might be making big mistakes but have no idea that there is any alternative to what they are doing. This means that they could do with a bit of help, so that they have a better understanding of everything financial and know what they should be doing that will help them the most. We therefore have information in the articles on our site which should help to guide people to making the right financial decisions for them. This will hopefully help lots of people as they might pass that information on to others including their children and there will be an improvement generally. We hope that we can provide useful information, that will allow people to get a better understanding of finance and they may also choose to follow some of our tips so that they will be able to make some changes that will improve their situation. This will make us all really happy as we will then have achieved our goal to help people.